The 5th Ingredient Launches Beer30 Sales Traceability Module, to Assist Brewers Through a Product Recall

The creators of Brewery Management Software Beer30 have launched a new module which ensures full grain-to-glass traceability.

Brewers will now have access to software that captures all the necessary data needed in the event of a product recall, with the launch of a new module from Beer30.

The brewery management software traces all processes – from procurement of raw materials, to production data, sales and distribution, finished goods traceability – and ultimately consumption versus disposal.

The new Sales Traceability module is the first of its kind. It helps brewers clarify when and where the product was produced, and by whom. It gives users the power to track all the finer details of actual batch numbers, as the warehouse team loads orders onto a truck.

The 5th Ingredient Chief Executive Officer Pulkit K. Agrawal says the module allows brewers to track down all brews affected with the click of a button.

“We have experience brewing ourselves, so understand how a product recall can impact a business,” he said. “But we realized, with the proper collection of data, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world! So we built a tool that could easily track all this information.”

“Our users can rest easy, knowing they are doing all the correct processes and tracking, should a product recall arise.”

Our Beer30 software specifically allows you to:

  • Schedule and plan your beer production;
  • Review Raw Materials, and Yeast (including breaking down yeast genealogy);
  • Track Materials, Packaging, and associated batch costs (including tracking ingredients by lot numbers);
  • Monitor Beer Distribution and Sales (graph trends and SKU’s over time);
  • Track your Kegs (with serialized numbers).

Our newest module – Sales Traceability of your Beer extends these processes to allow full traceability at every stage, grain to glass.

Chief Operating Officer Ryan Allis says what’s truly incredible about the tool is the speed at which you can assess the information.

“If a supplier contacts you about an issue with a raw material – you can select a date range, and identify all brands and batches with a particular lot number – or particular ingredient – in seconds,” he said. “We are really excited to be able to provide this tool to our customers. The feedback so far has been really positive!”

Founder and CEO of Exile Brewing Co., RJ Tursi, says the ability to have live inventory values at all times – and at all levels of beer production – is game changing.

‘The new COGS and batch tracking capabilities gives details we’ve never had on how our margins are performing and where we can improve our processes,” he said. “It also improves quality by giving us the resources to precisely track the life cycle of our beer from the brewhaus all the way to our distributors.”

Jordan Radke, Founder and COO, Pilot Brewing says that “being able to track brands by batches has allowed us to determine where to alter ingredients, distribution prices, and the overall brewing process with clear cut calculations. We can better track in-house product vs. distribution and with our own clientele base help make decisions on all relative facets.”

For more information on the Beer30 Sales Traceability Module, visit our website.

About The 5th Ingredient

The 5th Ingredient is on a mission to help breweries improve beer quality and consistency. Their products help breweries collect and utilize their data for proactive, predictive, process improvement. Their flagship product is Beer30, a proprietary Software-as-a-Service, launched in January 2018, and allows breweries to track data from grain-to-glass. As of December 2020, Beer30 is in over 130 breweries across 12 countries.

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