Imbibe Announces Summer Beer and Spirits Festival

DENVER — Today Imbibe announced their summer send off event, The Endless Summer Beer & Spirits Festival, Aug. 16, 2013 from 8 p.m. – 12 a.m. The festival will feature some of Colorado’s top craft breweries and distilleries and benefit Water For People, a Denver based charity working around the globe.

“We not only want to raise awareness for Water For People, we also want our attendees to learn about the importance of water for breweries and distilleries,” said Casey Berry, founder of Imbibe. “Each brewery and distillery will be showcasing the steps they’ve taken to improve the environment. And some delicious product while they’re at it!”
Water is an important ingredient and process material in beer making. Beer is more than 90 percent water and the one ingredient that cannot be imported.
“Last year we hosted a beer pairing dinner called ‘All Hopped Up for Water’ with several local breweries,” said Aaron Carlson, senior manager of marketing and strategy for Water For People. “We asked each brewery how water influences their process and the responses were amazing, everything from what styles of beer they are able to brew to implementing dry lubrication systems on conveyor belts involves thinking about water.”
The Endless Summer Beer & Spirits Festival will take place at the historic Mcnichols Building in downtown Denver. Attendees will enjoy endless amounts of breweries’ summer seasonals like saisons and hefeweizens, award winning cocktails made by the bartenders of the Colorado Bartender’s Guild, food, live music, lounges and other awesome party entertainment.
Participating breweries and distilleries include: Great Divide, Ska, Odell, Breckenridge Brewery, Strange, Denver Beer Co., Epic, Spring 44, Peach Street, Golden Moon, Breckenridge, Downslope and many more.
“Without water, there wouldn’t be beer. Or whiskey. And that’d be a sad day.” said Berry.
About Imbibe
Imbibe is a Denver-based event production company and website that coordinates with the best restaurants, bars, music venues and other fine establishments to create unparalleled events and packages.
About Water For People
Water For People is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to providing access to improved water and sanitation systems and services in developing countries. By working with local governments, the private sector, and partners, Water For People ensures that everyone in a specific region has these basic needs met forever. This innovative approach reaches every family, every school, and every clinic, catalyzing transformative change for better health and economic development to occur.