For Sale - Complete Packaging Line for 12oz. Bottles with Crowner - Malt Beverage

Item Type: Complete 12oz. Glass Bottling Line
Manufacturer: Sentry, Crown, Mojonnier, Pearson, Krones, Quadrel, Von Gal
Year: 2001
Last Use: Brewery – Malt Beverage

Last running Malt Beverages (slightly carbonated) in 12oz. Glass Bottles up to 800 Bottles/Minute, In production up to 2015 – currently sitting idle but installed, Machinery includes Sentry Bulk Depalletizer, 15″ Matte Top Conveyor, Lowerating Gripper Rinser, Crown Bevcorp 104 Valve Filler with 30 Head Crowner, Filtec FT-50 Height Inspector, Stainless Steel Bottle Warmer, (2) Krones Solomatic Labelers, (2) Quadrel Pressure Sensitive Labelers, (2) Hartness 825 Drop Packers, Pearson Hot Glue Case Sealer, (2) Pearson RSC Box Erectors, (4) Pearson 6 Pack Carrier Erectors, (2) Pearson Multi-Stuffers, Von Gal Case Palletizer plus conveyor systems and Bi-Directional Accumulation Tables, Line is in good operating condition and ready for removal

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Posted at 05/19/2017 8:59 AM