10 Varieties of steam-distilled, fresh-hop Hopzoil™ now available

Put a "WOW" into your beer to make it stand apart from the crowd. Hopzoil™ is the steam-distilled, solvent-free pure aromatic hop oil is derived from only fresh hops at harvest time. Ten varieties are freshly harvested, and now in stock and ready to ship:

Available now:  Azacca®, Ahhhroma™, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus/CTZ, El Dorado, Pekko®, and two proprietary blends.

The intense, fresh "WOW" is only part of the equation.  Think of these pure essential oils as 'liquid dry-hopping".  When brewers substitute some-or-all pellets for this ingredient, filtration losses go down by as much as 20% (and corresponding yields go UP by the same amount).  Think of how all that additional "free beer" to sell will impact your bottom line!

Experienced brewers know that the dry-hopping also strips IBU's from beer due the secondary fermentation that occurs.  According to the MBAA Technical Quarterly (#3, 2016), however "hop oil, one of the main reason brewers dry hop, DOES NOT AFFECT THE IBU TEST RESULTS".

A cold-side, post-fermentation aroma addition, Hopzoil™ does not need further filtration, it improves throughput, reduces labor, reduces storage requirements and significantly reduces freight.  Shelf life is extensive, and your carbon footprint will be significantly reduced.  Contact us for the WHITE PAPER and a free sample.

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Posted at 10/12/2017 8:08 PM

Last Updated at 10/12/2017 11:00 PM