UpCountry Brewing

UpCountry Brewing

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(828) 575-2400
Asheville, NC
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1042 Haywood Rd
Asheville, NC 28806 USA
At UpCountry Brewing, we believe that craft beer and the outdoors go hand in hand. This is the basis of our Mission Statement – “To create memorable experiences while sharing our passion for craft beer and for getting outside with family and friends.”

UpCountry Brewing was founded in 2016 by John Cochran, a craft beer industry veteran since the mid 1990’s. While John has worked many beer related jobs in his 20+ years in brewing (including co-founding Terrapin Beer Company), he sees UpCountry as the culmination of all he has done so far. “It was in 2013 that my wife Irina and I purchased an old farmhouse in the Carolinas,” says John. “We’ve always enjoyed being outside, whether it’s hiking, fishing, boating, or skiing in the winter. This farm has become our home base for exploring the Carolinas, especially the Blue Ridge mountains. I see UpCountry Brewing as being an extension of that. It’s a way I can share my dual love for craft beer and for the Carolina outdoors with others.”

We are committed to being a local, Carolina only brewery. “UpCountry beers will not find their way outside of the Carolinas”, states John. “This allows us to put all our efforts into working with and supporting local causes in the Carolina communities where our beer is sold. And that starts right here at home in West Asheville.”

UpCountry Brewing loves our neighborhood and we are excited to be West Asheville’s community brewery. With a taproom that serves a wide variety of craft beer styles and provides a full food menu, a complete bar, live music and a large outdoor area for your daily shenanigans, UpCountry Brewing is a fantastic place to meet up with family and friends.

We are proud to be a kid friendly and pet friendly brewery. Come have a beer with us—we’ll see you soon! Cheers!
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Year Round Beers

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Bogey Free Session IPA IPA
Hop Dread IPA

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Limited Releases

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Anniversary Stout Stout

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Past Events

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4/26/2018 Pint Night: Isoprene
4/26/2018 -- Asheville, NC
Pint Night: Isoprene
Fundraiser Asheville, NC
4/19/2018 Pint Night: Hop Dread
4/19/2018 -- Asheville, NC
Pint Night: Hop Dread
Fundraiser Asheville, NC
4/12/2018 Pint Night: Mangose
4/12/2018 -- Asheville, NC
Pint Night: Mangose
Fundraiser Asheville, NC
4/5/2018 Pint Night: UpCo Lager
4/5/2018 -- Asheville, NC
Pint Night: UpCo Lager
Fundraiser Asheville, NC
3/17/2018 Sham Rocked
3/17/2018 -- Asheville, NC
Sham Rocked
Other Asheville, NC
3/17/2018 Beer Release: UpCo Mountain Lager
3/17/2018 -- Asheville, NC
Beer Release: UpCo Mountain Lager
Beer Release Asheville, NC
3/9/2018 Double Beer Release
3/9/2018 -- Asheville, NC
Double Beer Release
Beer Release Asheville, NC
3/1/2018 Mangose Beer Release
3/1/2018 -- Asheville, NC
Mangose Beer Release
Beer Release Asheville, NC
2/26/2018 Beer And Girl Scout Cookie Pairing
2/26/2018 -- Asheville, NC
Beer And Girl Scout Cookie Pairing
Other Asheville, NC
2/24/2018 Habitat for Humanity Benefit
2/24/2018 -- Asheville, NC
Habitat for Humanity Benefit
Fundraiser Asheville, NC
2/12/2018 It's All About Beer and Girl Scout Cookies Other Asheville, NC
12/16/2017 One Year Anniversary Party!
12/16/2017 -- Asheville, NC
One Year Anniversary Party!
Beer Release Asheville, NC
11/22/2017 Pre-Thanksgiving with 12 Baskets, Harpoon, and Cat + Crow Beer Release Asheville, NC