O'Fallon Brewery: Wee Heavy

Official description from the brewery:
During the mid to late 1800’s Scottish beers were taxed according to their strength, fewer shillings for lower strength beer, more shillings for higher alcohol beer. The strongest version of the Scottish beer style was called a “wee heavy” and was typically served in smaller, 6-­ounce, a “wee” bit of “heavy” ale. O’Fallon Wee Heavy is our nod to the era and the style. It’s a malt-­forward beer with subtle hints of roasted malts and cherry wood and nutty flavors with just enough hop bitterness to support the big malt backbone and balance its sweetness. This beer was fermented at cooler temperatures to reduce the esters (fruitiness) of the yeast and create a very clean and smooth profile for a beer with an 8.5% ABV.

Beer Style
Scottish Ale
No Longer Available

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