Full Sail Brewing Company: Full Sail Atomizer Pale Ale

Official description from the brewery:
Beep boop bing... Pull out your pocket protectors and rev up your robots. Seeking a better way to infuse beer with bright, clean hop aroma and flavor, Full Sail's brewers hopped in their oscillation flux capacitor, traveled at warp speed to a futuristic dimension, and returned with the coveted, top-secret method for Atomizer Pale Ale. High tech meets hand-on as our craft brewers employ futuristic technology to make a good, old-fashioned beer even better. Bright notes of guava, papaya, and citrus from Mosaic and Simcoe hops are enhanced by Full Sail’s high-tech, top-secret, hop infusion method. This well-balanced Atomizer Pale Ale is truly out of this world.

Beer Style
Pale Ale
Year Round

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