Examining Hard Seltzers and Other Beyond Beer Offerings with Nielsen

The tidal wave of hard seltzers shows no signs of slowing down, market research firm Nielsen’s beverage alcohol practice team shared Thursday during the Brewbound Live business conference in Santa Monica.

After passing the $1 billion sales mark at the end of the summer, hard seltzer sales didn’t slow during the colder months of the year, as it did last year, Nielsen VP Danelle Kosmal and manager Caitlyn Battaglia reported.

“There were some questions at the end of the summer — were we going to see this big drop off?” Kosmal said. “We saw a little bit of a dip in September, but really not that much and they [hard seltzers] continue to maintain share.”

At its summer peak, hard seltzer accounted for 5.4% of beer category dollars and currently accounts for 5% of the market.

Watch the full presentation above and read more here: https://www.brewbound.com/news/hard-seltzer-less-seasonal-in-2019-drinkers-spend-nearly-2x-as-much-on-alcohol-than-average-consumers.