Brew Talks GABF 2017: An interview with Karl Strauss Brewing Co-Founder Chris Cramer

Chris Cramer, the co-founder & CEO of San Diego's Karl Strauss Brewing Company, discusses the idea of building a “100-year” company. Throughout the conversation, moderated by Brewbound editor Chris Furnari, Cramer explains the notion that it is capable to build a long-term business that is structured to weather any kind of downturns in a market or any other unforeseen circumstances that may
set a company back. He also details the growth of Karl Strauss while sharing lessons learned from balancing an expanding brewpub chain with a wholesale business, and shares his thoughts on current industry trends.

Brew Talks GABF was sponsored by Vicinity Brew, Pro Chiller Systems, Markem-Imaje, Ska Fab, EKS&H and Brewery Pak. The event also raised $2,425 for the Colorado Brewers Guild.

About Brew Talks:

Since hosting our first event in the basement of a Boston craft beer bar in 2013, the Brew Talks meetup series has developed into a multi-city tour in which beer industry professionals gather at well-known industry meetings to share business insights. The program is designed to provide members of the beer community with an opportunity to come together and have in-depth discussions on the business of craft beer and the events are also broadcast globally via a free live stream. Brewbound has raised more than $35,000 for non-profit organizations and connected with more than 3,000 beer industry professionals since 2015.