Something from nothing: How the purity of glass can have a big impact on your beer.

We experience the world around us via our minds and our senses. This is especially true when it comes to the foods and beverages we consume. Does it look appealing? Does it smell good? What about the taste? How does it feel when I hold it in my hand (EEEEWWWW)?

When we engage with a product on a personal level, we’re asking and answering dozens of critical questions in a matter of moments. Our experience with that product is informed, not just by the product itself, but by its packaging.

Promoting an optimal interaction between beer and consumer requires thinking beyond the beer itself to how your customers engage with it. Once you begin to think through those points of engagement, the advantages of glass, and its inherent purity, become clear.

Taste and Texture

When it comes to beer, nothing matters more than taste, which is where the purity of glass really shines through. Glass is free of any fragrances or aromas that may adversely affect the taste of your carefully crafted beverage. So, if you chose Spalter hops from Germany, for example, specifically for their woodsy, peppery flavor, nothing is going to get in the way of that.

Then there’s the texture of glass, which is smooth and pleasing to the tongue, so that even if your beer is consumed straight from the bottle, it has the same mouth feel as if it were poured into a tall mug.


The very first time a potential customer is likely to encounter your product is on a store shelf. What kind of impression will it make? If it’s packaged in glass, likely a strong one, because glass is generally perceived as premium. Numerous studies have shown that when people interact with a beverage in a glass package, they’re more likely to view it as premium. Moreover, unlike other forms of packaging, glass won’t warp over time, meaning your beer is always presented in its best possible form.

Natural Purity

In a day and age when modern customers have more information than ever at their fingertips regarding the chemical composition of the products they consume, as well as the packaging in which those products come, glass is an increasingly popular choice. That’s because glass is made from nothing but the earth itself, so nothing artificial can leak into your beer that would adversely impact its taste or safety profile. With glass your customers are always assured of your beer’s purity.

The Environment

According to a recent study by Cone Communications, 81% of consumers indicated their willingness to make a personal sacrifice if it would either positively impact, or lessen a negative impact on the environment. The great thing about glass is that it requires your customers to sacrifice absolutely nothing, while at the same time providing one of the most eco-friendly packaging choices they can make. Glass is either recycled or reverts back to its natural, non-toxic state, so its environmental footprint is minimal to nonexistent. That may never be the singular reason someone chooses your beer, but it’s a nice side benefit in these eco-conscious times.

From the flavor of your artfully crafted brew to the flavor of its packaging, from the impact it has on the environment to the impact it makes on a store shelf, nothing complements your product quite like the purity of glass. Glass is simple, glass is honest and glass is iconic. It’s the package of choice for those who put a premium on purity.

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