Ordnance Brewing Adds Key Staffers, Plans Expanded Distribution

Ordnance Brewing of Boardman, Oregon Adds Key Staff

Boardman, OR –  As the fifty-barrel system is set to come online in a month, Ordnance Brewing is expanding its start up distribution discussions. The brewery is currently in conversation with distributors in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota.

The latest developments at this Boardman, Oregon brewery is the addition of two key staff including Dewey Weddington, former VP of Marketing at Forest Grove’s SakeOne, and Will Minderhout, formerly Oregon Manager for Portland’s Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider.

After several months consulting on branding, packaging and digital media, Weddington takes the helm as Director of Sales and Marketing and is quickly moving to fine-tune branding, marketing efforts and most importantly, distribution channels.  “We have a fantastic brewer who can make the kind of everyday enjoyable beers people want to drink but also intriguing barrel aged and experimental brews,” noted Weddington. “With a solid line up of quality beers, packaging developed to work hard, and a statewide sales team ready to support our distribution partners, we’ve got the foundation set to run hard and long. More importantly I have faith in the team and our ability to build a truly great local brewery,” Dewey added.

Will Minderhout stepped from Reverend Nat’s right into the Portland Metro Field Rep role without skipping a beat. A fixture in Oregon’s craft beer community, Will brings a depth of experience and contacts that offers a platform for a smooth transition. “Having worked with the best local cider, it was important to choose my next position carefully,” added Minderhout. “The investments being made at Ordnance are setting the stage for consistent, high-quality craft beer and to become an important Oregon brand. That’s exactly what I want to help build, an important Oregon brand.”

Ordnance Brewing’s operating partner, Craig Coleman, isn’t holding any punches about his team’s expansion. “From new fermenters and brew system to a centrifuge and bottling line, we are investing in the best equipment to get the job done. But to build the brand and take it to market, we need the best people. That started with our brewer Logan Mayfield, the addition of Chris Irving, Steve Jones and Clint Shoemake. Bringing on Dewey and Will, guys who have shaped and built strong Oregon brands, readies us for the future we plan to build.

About Ordnance Brewing:

Ordnance Brewing is an outlier, brewery born of necessity in the arid Columbia Plateau where farming and a day of hard work is the norm. Located in Boardman, Oregon, Ordnance Brewing is expanding to a 50 barrel system with production capability of up to 150,00 barrels annually. Currently, the brewery offers a set of five core beers including Kolsch, FMJ IPA (English Style), EOD IPA (Westcoast style), RX a Rye Extra Pale, a blueberry wheat called Bloops, and a series of limited edition beers. Seeking distribution both domestically and internationally, Ordnance Brewing is poised for steady growth and quality control.