Fort Collins Brewery to Rebrand in 2016


Fort Collins, CO – Fort Collins Brewery (FCB) will be launching an extensive rebrand that will include changes to its current brand, updated beer recipes, and the inclusion of a new signature series. While FCB has been in operation since 2003 with a robust lineup of 50 ales and lagers, the need for a revamp is rooted in Co-Owner and General Manager Tina Peters’ belief that change and innovation is an absolute necessity in the ever-evolving world of craft beer. The brand update will feature new artwork and designs from local artists Kelsey Knobel and Aubrey Inzer.

Hiring fresh, local talent was crucial for the selection process. “Kelsey’s ability to capture the spirit and essence of our upcoming lineup was integral for the rebrand. Meanwhile, Aubrey was able to take those illustrations and cohesively create a look and feel that reflects who we are. She was able to come up with a minimalistic style and a retro vibe that pulls everything together,” says Peters.

Knobel received her first sketchpad at age 8 and her passion for illustration skyrocketed from there. For the rebrand, Knobel was tasked with putting FCB’s vision on paper. “As we reviewed all of our beer recipes and considered what should be updated or what other players we should bring to the table, visually in my mind, these beers were brought to life and became characters,” says Peters. Knobel went through several rounds of sketches, playing with variations of lines before she even started fine-tuning facial features and wardrobe. This was the artist’s first stint working with a brewery and the impact is not lost on her. “It’s definitely a lot of exposure and I feel so honored. It’s huge. I mean, this is a national campaign,” says Knobel.


Once sketches were finalized, FCB turned to Inzer to bring the sketches to life and into design and layout. Inzer works at FCB Modern Tavern and is currently attending CSU for apparel and merchandising. Inzer’s appeal for simple and clean design, along with her knowledge of the FCB line got her a foot in the door. For Inzer, it was important to treat each design as its own entity rather than applying similar features among the characters automatically. “I have a good understanding of what our beers are. Red Banshee has a stronger, almost villainous presence. But our Chocolate Stout with that drinkable finish has a softer approach.”

The FCB rebrand will launch in spring with the core lineup. Subsequent seasonal releases as well as the Savor Series, a revamped limited edition signature cellar series will roll out in 2016.


Fort Collins Brewery & Tavern is a family-owned, handcrafted microbrewery and full service tavern in Northern Colorado, established in 2003. FCB offers an outstanding lineup of 50 ales and lagers that can be found on tap as well as in bottles throughout the U.S. For more information, visit or call 970-472-1499. Brewery tours run Monday – Friday by appointment and Saturday from 12 – 4 p.m. (at the top of the hour).