Brewbound Podcast: Protecting Your Taproom Team During the Pandemic

What happens when your state cancels all COVID-19 safety restrictions, but you’re not ready to do the same in your taproom? Austin Beerworks co-founders Adam DeBower and Michael Graham joined the Brewbound Podcast to discuss why they’re asking guests to continue masking up.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott removed the state’s mask mandate and capacity restrictions for bars, restaurants and breweries on March 10, but Austin Beerworks has not eased any of its safety protocols— and won’t do so until all staff members who want to be vaccinated have received all doses.

The brewery still requires patrons to remain seated at their tables unless they’re placing an order or using the restroom and to wear masks whenever they’re not at their tables. Some guests don’t care for the policies.

“It’s a difficult one to justify to a customer that disagrees with you,” Graham said. “But, basically what we’ve come down to is that our top priority is the safety of our staff and guests.”

Graham and DeBower also discussed the effects of a rare but disastrous winter storm that knocked out much of Texas’ utility infrastructure for days.

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