IREKS - Bavarian Craft Brewing Malts

IREKS - Bavarian Craft Brewing Malts

    • IREKS - Largest Family owned Bavarian Maltster
    • Top Quality Base, Speciality and Wheat Malts at competitive prices
    • From Pallets to Containers
    • 55lb Bags, 500kg & 1000kg Super Sacks, Bulk Loads for Silo Fills
    • Mix and match styles to make your own pallet (no extra fees)
    • No handling fees or pallet charges 
    • All IREKS Malts: Certified Glyphosate free malts 
    • The exclusive Malt of the VLB Institute in Berlin

For more information; contact:

Trip Kloser       (301) 346-1125

Mark Karpovich      (301) 267-1290


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