Braxton Brewing Company: Kentucky Home: Batch No. 141

Official description from the brewery:
There’s magic in that moment. As the thoroughbreds stride from the paddock to the post parade, the crowd rises, the state is still, and everyone sings together “My Old Kentucky Home.” It’s not the only tradition on the first Saturday of May. There’s the roses, the most exciting two minutes in sports, and the Mint Juleps. Man, are there Mint Juleps. It’s with that spirit of togetherness and tradition, we’re proud to call the Commonwealth our Kentucky Home. And for you, we’ve brewed this batch in honor of this event on the first Saturday of May. This is a tip of the cap to the traditional Kentucky Derby Mint Julep. We’ve taken Storm, our Golden Cream Ale, and aged it in Bourbon Barrels and Mint. Mixing with the creamy palate feel of the traditional Storm, Kentucky Home takes the best parts of our beer and the influence of a Mint Julep. With notes of a beautiful bourbon and oak, this will be served in a commemorative glass with a special mint garnish.

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Barrel Aged
No Longer Available

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