Braxton Brewing Company: 1957 All Star Ale

Official description from the brewery:
There’s two things Cincinnati loves. Beer and baseball. In 1957, the city proved its passion by voting all but one Reds position player to the All-Star Game. Now, with the spotlight of baseball nation shining bright on the Queen City, we prove our passion for beer. 1957 packs all the familiar flavors of your favorite caramel-coated baseball snack. During All-Star week, we hope you find this English Style Mild as popular as the ’57 Reds. Go out to the ballgame, root, root, root for the home team, buy some peanuts and … 1957 1957 is a one of a kind beer that was brewed just for Cincinnati’s All Star Summer. Utilizing specialty malts this English Style Mild features a unique nuttiness and caramel-like sweetness that was intended to remind you of America’s favorite ball park snack. A faint hop presence to balance the light malt body makes this a great summer time, “take-me-out-to-the-ball-game” beer.

Beer Style
No Longer Available