Lakefront Brewery Inc: Organic White

Official description from the brewery:
Our version of a Belgian classic, brewed with 100% organic malt, wheat, orange peel, and coriander. Pours a beautiful hazy blond-gold with a thick, pearly white head. The nose is estery with a light aroma of fruit and spice. This beer is a crisp and refreshing as the aroma implies, with the wheat malt supplying a full, somewhat sweet background to the orange and coriander flavor. Spritzy carbonation lifts the sweetness to lend a crisp finish. A great beer for a warm summer day. Great with Belgian moules frites (steamed, buttered mussels and French fries) or charcuterie. The crisp carbonation in our White can cut through even the richest, creamiest dishes.

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No Longer Available

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