Lakefront Brewery Inc: IPA

Official description from the brewery:
A blend of 3 hop varieties gives this IPA great aroma, a nice bite, but keeps it very refreshing. Pours a radiant copper with a rocky white head that lasts, and leaves a soft lace on your glass as you sip this refreshing beer. American Cascade, Chinook, and Citra hops dominate the aroma, yielding a citrusy, floral bouquet. The hops give a nice bite to the flavor profile, but this beer is well balanced with a full body and a smooth, malty flavor to back up the hops. It finishes easy and crisp with a lingering hop flavor reminiscent of fresh ruby red grapefruit. Goes well with any spicy Indian or Thai food: green curry, tom yum soup, or pad thai. Beef dishes and fried seafood will stand up to the hops as well.

Beer Style
Year Round

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