Harpoon Brewery: Harpoon Craft Cider

Official description from the brewery:
We first started making a pure and natural cider for the same reason that we started brewing: we loved the idea of cider but could not find one that we really liked drinking. Harpoon Cider is a unique craft cider with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Just locally pressed apples and our proprietary ale yeast. It’s clean, refreshing, and crisp. Great to cook with and great to drink while cooking too! Harpoon Craft Cider is crafted from only one ingredient: freshly pressed apples. No flavoring, no preservatives. We ferment it with our ale yeast, yielding a clean but refreshing all natural cider. Harpoon Craft Cider is also naturally gluten-free. Its gluten content has been independently measured at less than 20 parts per million, meeting the FDA's proposed threshold for gluten-free.

Beer Style
Year Round

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