11/24/2017 -- Day of Darkling


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The 2017 release of our barrel-aged imperial stout.

It was born in the darkness, molded by it...

Day of Darkling is approaching.

To create Darkling 2017 we filled both bourbon and rye whiskey barrels with our imperial stout, then set them away to age. Once the barrels had imparted their oak character, we blended them and prepared some special treats.

The day will begin with a special to-go sale from 9am-11am. During these hours, Darkling bottles and all other packaged beer will be available. We will not be pouring draft beer during these hours. At 11am, the bar will open, and the party is on!

Three bottled offerings will be available (on draft as well). Bottles are $22 each:
Darkling - limit 6 bottles per person
Coffee Darkling aged with coffee beans - limit 3 bottles per person
Maple Cinnamon Darkling aged with maple syrup and cinnamon. - limit 3 bottles per person
10% discount if you go for the full case allotment (12 bottles / $237)

In addition, we're prepping a few unique kegs that have been flavored with experimental ingredients - we'll be tapping these one-of-a-kind kegs throughout the day at the release party.

Finally, we'll also be selling a limited number of Darkling glasses ($8 or $4 with a Darkling pour) and t-shirts ($20).

** Availability **
Bottled and draft versions of Darkling will be available in limited amounts. We will be updating social media and our website as the day goes on with updates about the amount of each beer we have left. Our team will be answering questions as fast as we can! Thanks for your excitement and patience.

**Line Info**
In the event that there is a line to get into the Taproom, we will be hustling to let folks enter as our legal capacity allows (because we're stoked you're here!) Staff members will be able to give a rough estimate of the wait time, and we'll monitor social media for any questions about the length of the wait. Our hall pass system WILL NOT be in effect for this day - apologies!

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