Brewbound Session Chicago 2015

June 11, 2015
Chicago, IL
Brewbound Session Chicago 2015
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Brewbound Session Chicago 2015

Brewbound Session Chicago 2015 will take place in Chicago, IL on Thursday, June 11th at Moonlight Studios.

Focused on the business side of craft brewing, the Brewbound Session events offer an unmatched strategic learning opportunity for craft brewers and wholesalers by combining the best in business information and networking. The Brewbound Session provides an excellent opportunity to learn marketing, investment, and distribution strategies, as well as hear case studies of successful brands in a highly collaborative atmosphere. 

Startup Brewery Challenge:

Startup brewery? Apply for a chance to get on stage in front of leading craft beer industry executives and experts. Pitch your business plan and sample one product on the Brewbound Session stage when you compete in our bi-annual Startup Brewery Challenge, sponsored by the Craft Brew Alliance.  -- Apply Now >>