Charter Oak Brewing Company LLC: Stanford Tavern ESB - Extra Special Bitter

Official description from the brewery:
Charter Oak's Sanford Tavern Extra Special Bitter (It was at this "meeting house" that the patriots met and refused to surrender the charter to the British) - If flavor begins with the nose and aroma, our ESB will have plenty of flavor! This British styled session beer will enjoy a fairly strong hop scent, flavor, and of course bitterness, yet you will clearly experience a well balanced ale from our specialty malted barley. Our ESB will be full bodied, bitter style that pours a rich and deep golden shade with plenty of carbonation. This beer will be available in mid 2015. This ESB will be a wonderful, crisp, and deliciously refreshing session styled beer without the harshness of an unbalanced hoppy beer. We hope you will enjoy this beer! Beer Stats: 5.25%ABV; 30IBU; 10SRM Best if served at 48 - 54F (9 - 12C)

Beer Style
Ordinary Bitter best Bitter ESB
Limited Release