Charter Oak Brewing Company LLC: Charter Oak Courageous Strong Ale - Chinook

Official description from the brewery:
This is a limited release, third in the Charter Series. All single hopped. This one is an American Strong Ale that is robust in character, taste, ABV, and shade with the Chinook Hop. It will pour a rich deep brown with two fingers of tan foam and a wonderful, yet subtle piney aroma. This style is complex, yet well balanced and very drinkable; brewed with generous quantities of hops, and yet plenty of specialty malted barley. A Full month feel with plenty of flavor left on the pallet through the last drop in the pint glass. This is also the beginning of our single hops releases. The Courageous Strong Ale is hopped with aggressive quantities of Chinook. This ‘unofficial’ style is a fun one to brew and allowed us to be unconstrained with brewing creativity. It’s a real sipper!

Beer Style
Limited Release