Narragansett Brewing Company: Allie’s Double Chocolate

Official description from the brewery:
Quality Supreme: The Allie’s Double Chocolate Porter is a malty blend of our classic Porter combined with cocoa nibs, chocolate malt, and a hint of vanilla. A smooth, dark brew that is flavorful and filled with delicate complexities, but is never overpowering. Taste & Enjoy: Drawing its rich chocolate base from cocoa nibs, deep and roasty body from chocolate malt, and subtle its finish from just a hint of vanilla, the Allie’s Double Chocolate Porter is reminiscent of Allie’s famous old-fashioned double chocolate donuts. The History: Whether it’s a lazy Saturday morning tradition, a tasty birthday celebration, or just a pick-me-up on a bad day, Allie’s old fashioned donuts have filled a special place in Rhode Islanders’ hearts for nearly 50 years. We have combined every local’s favorite pastry with our classic Porter to give people an authentic taste of two Ocean State staples.

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