Lakefront Brewery Inc: Wisconsinite

Official description from the brewery:
The most Wisconsin beer ever! Made with 100% Wisconsin-grown malted barley and wheat. Including a unique, first-of-its-kind, never before fermented, indigenous Wisconsin yeast strain this beer pours a hazy, unfiltered, straw color with a fine white head. The mild clove, banana, and citrus aromas from the Wisconsin yeast go well with the malty sweetness and fresh baked wheat bread flavors. With its light body, lively effervescence, and 4.4% ABV, Wisconsinite is a refreshing summer session beer. Wisconsinite is great with lighter, summer fare: green salad, seafood salad, smoked salmon, lemon pepper chicken, and shrimp or fish tacos.

Beer Style
Wheat Ale
No Longer Available

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