Lakefront Brewery Inc: Local Acre

Official description from the brewery:
The first beer since prohibition to be made with 100% Wisconsin-grown and processed in the great state of Wisconsin. A distinctly wonderful home-grown flavor comes from the hops and barley being grown in the state’s beautiful summer climate and sandy loam soil that makes this brew a one of a kind Wisconsin original. The organic 6-row lacey barley from a hard-working farm in Columbus gives Local Acre its malty-sweet backbone, hazy golden straw color and generous body. Diligent farmers in Hortonville and Mazomanie supply Nugget and Cascade hops for a delicate bitterness with a mild hop flavor and a slightly citrus aroma. Taste the soul of Wisconsin and you will find a well-balanced, unfiltered, homegrown lager with an ample body, yet a crisp, pilsner-like finish. Pair this one like a pilsner: Wisconsin grass-fed beef hamburger, topped with a slice of Wisconsin Gouda cheese, on a hard roll.

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No Longer Available

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