4/19/2020 -- Yeast Handling for Brewers (Pre-CBC)

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Kick off CBC with our Yeast Handling for Brewers workshop!

Kick off the 2020 Craft Brewers Conference in San Antonio, TX with our Yeast Handling for Brewers workshop. This educational course offers an in-depth look at how to best harvest and store yeast for optimal performance. Attendees will explore various fermentation-related topics such as preparing yeast for pitching, what to expect when repitching, techniques for reliable brewery propagation and how to troubleshoot fermentation issues related to poor yeast-handling practices.

This one-day workshop will explore:
• Collection and storage
• Yeast propagation
• Determining pitch rates
• Fermentation conditions and yeast nutrition
• Troubleshooting different fermentation problems

- Chris White, Ph.D. - Founder, President & CEO
- Troels Prahl - Vice President of Innovation and European Operations
- Kara Taylor - Technical Laboratory Manager
- Erik Fowler - Education & Engagement Manager

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