11/7/2020 -- SD Beer Week - Peach Party Pack Bottle Release


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Peach Wild Ale 4 PAck: Peach on Peach (POP), POP Cobbler, POP Raspberry, and POP Pineapple.

We are following up our Brewer's Couvée with 4 Peach Wild Ales!

P.O.P. - To create this beer we take a finished peach sour and rest in on top peaches again for our most bright juicy peach beer we make all year. We look forward to making this beer each year, it is one of our favorites.

P.O.P. Cobbler - This Pastry Sour is one of our favorites. We begin with Peach on Peach, then take a small portion to create a cobbler version by adding fresh Madagascar vanilla beans and Saigon Cinnamon. The fuzzy peach flavor melds perfectly with the cinnamon and vanilla to create a deliciously tart version of a classic American dessert.

P.O.P. Raz - We took a ton of peaches… almost 2 pounds per gallon and rested them on our barrel-aged golden base for 2 months. We then took 120 gallons of that beer and racked it onto another 200 pounds of peaches. But we didn’t stop there… We topped that delicious Peach beer with handfuls and handfuls of Raspberries. This gorgeous beer combines the best flavors of both Peach and Raspberry.

P.O.P. Pineapple - Just like the previous P.O.P versions...but with Grilled Pineapple!

These 4 packs are extremely limited so order yours early.

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Event listing posted on October 22, 2020 3:02PM