4/27/2018 -- Slushes, Slushies, and Hazy IPAs


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Wiley Roots is releasing five new beers, including a sour slushy!

We are releasing five new beers!

Mass Communication Hazy IPA, Lime Slush, Lemon Slush, and Raspberry-Lemonade Slush will be available onsite and to-go on Friday, April 27, 2018 at 12pm with frozen Lemon-Lime Slush available for on-site consumption only.

Yeah, read that again. Slush slushies!

Slush is our heavily fruited rotating sour series inspired by everyone’s favorite summer drink hanging out at the local drive-in. Slush variants are divided by either lemon or lime base beers with additional fruits added, creating a nostalgic flashback to adding a shot of fruit flavor to your summer slushy. But unlike the drive-in, we only use whole fruit puree with no artificial flavors or colors. Slushes are easy drinking and refreshing at 4.6% ABV.

Mass Communication is our newest tropical and juicy New England style IPA brewed with 4 lbs per barrel of Mosaic and El Dorado hops. Mass Communication joins Rapid Transit, a pale ale brewed with Amarillo and Lemondrop Hops, as part of our new Hopadoxical series that focuses on combining rotating tropical hops with a balanced and approachable base beer to showcase the floral, fruity, and citrus character of each hop. The hops are added late in the brewing process, during whirlpool, and then heavily dry hopped during fermentation. Notes of strong citrus, juicy pineapple, and fresh mango. The Hopadoxical series is so named for our whimsical use of familiar names with juxtaposed imagery, much like the underlying styles embodied by these brands. Mass Communication is crushable at 7.2% ABV.

Lime Slush, Lemon Slush, and Raspberry-Lemonade Slush will be available to-go in 16oz cans for $16 per 4-pack, one case per variant per person limit, and on draft for $6.50 per 12oz. Mass Communication will be available in 16oz cans to-go for $18 per 4-pack, one case per person limit, and on draft for $8 per 16oz.

Lemon-Lime Slush slushies will be available while supplies last for $6.50 per 12oz. We rented a slushy machine to use for three days, but don't expect the slushy beer to last through the weekend. Get here early if you want one.

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