11/2/2018 -- Fried Ice Cream Stout Can Release


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Fried Ice Cream Stout brings Imperial Stout & Fried Ice Cream flavors together for one amazing beer.

In 1894, a Philadelphia company took a small cake of ice cream, covered it in pie crust and dipped it in boiling lard or butter and gave it a crisp outer coating. We're paying homage to the folks with that brilliant idea by bringing you Fried Ice Cream Stout, our new 10.3% Imperial Stout. This rich and complex stout provides ample aromas of roasted malt and vanilla, then gets paired with real vanilla ice cream, flavors of cinnamon and dark chocolate to produce a truly unique treat.

So, how do you get your hands on some? You can reserve up to 3 4-packs of 16 oz. cans ($11.99 per 4-pack) to pick up on November 2nd in the tasting room (pay when you pick up). We've only got 40 cases, so make those reservations soon. We'll be selling at 3 pm when we open and we'll have it on draft too.

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Event listing posted on October 24, 2018 2:00PM