3/16/2018 -- Free Music: Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs


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Four-piece alt-country folk group playing at Odyssey Beerwerks from 7-9pm on Friday, March 16th!

FREE MUSIC from Matt Rouch and The Noise Upstairs on Friday, March 16th from 7-9pm!

From their web site: "We all came together because we love bands like the Avett Brothers, Elephant Revival, The Decemberists, etc. so it made sense for most of us, we do have one Phish-head who loves him some jam bands, but he's also a classically-trained violinist so it works out. When I first came to Denver I was blown away by the talent here, there's so many amazing musicians, but what really drew me were the songwriters, there's a whole underground scene of phenomenal songwriters that need to be brought to light, this town isn't like a Nashville where songwriters are really appreciated and a few of us intend on changing that. The band just wants to make music for people who appreciate songwriting, melody, structure, etc. with a little twang too it, not too much, just enough, I've been called Country-Light, might need to trademark that."

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Event listing posted on February 28, 2018 4:25PM