12/16/2015 -- Dock Street Brewery Trades Rare Beer for School Supplies!


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Trading school supplies for a glass of a tequila barrel aged golden ale, named Mah Nà Mah Nà!

It's no secret; we love West Philly. We've made the firehouse our home for the better part of a decade and the community and the city have embraced us whole-heartedly. We are committed to giving back - whether its through free concerts, coat drives, book drives, and product donations. We believe that education is the great equalizer and the most pivotal way to better everyone's status in society. Starting this winter, we'll be launching our newest, and hopefully largest program yet. Every month we'll be tapping a special beer (aged, soured, oaked, irresponsibly hopped, blended...) and giving it away. In return, we ask that you bring in and exchange school supplies that we will donate to West Philadelphia Public Schools. We place an incredibly high value on education, and want to offer whatever support we can to our teaching community. This first month, we'll be working with Lea Elementary at 47th and Locust.

To start things off, on Wednesday, December 16, we'll be tapping Mah Nà Mah Nà, a Belgian Golden Ale, aged for eight months in a freshly drained tequila barrel. This beer smells like a humidor, with intense aromas of oak, lime, and... tequila. The first sip reveals a shockingly balanced and refined profile... Our first foray into tequila barrel aging.

Presently, the expressed need is for paper goods. One ream of 8x11 copy paper gets you a 6oz pour of this rare and special ale. While each donor is limited to one free beer, we welcome and encourage as many reams as possible. Yes, we are shifting to a digital age of education, but paper is still an essential tool in most classrooms; it's often in short supply. And to be clear, we're not (not) asking you to swipe stacks from your office xerox. Staples and Office Depot run some pretty steep discounts on cases, just sayin...

See you Wednesday, December 16th for a beer or two, and stay tuned for further details. Mah Na Mah Na. Do Do

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Event listing posted on December 14, 2015 11:51AM