Westvleteren Beer To Be Distributed In U.S.

World's most coveted beer will be on sale beginning April of 2012

Westvleteren is coming to the U.S.

You read that correctly. For the first (and more than likely) only time in history, Westvleteren beers will be bottled, shipped and legally sold on U.S. soil.

Widely regarded as the maker of some of the most coveted beers in the world, the brewery will ship a limited amount of product to the U.S. in an attempt to raise money for an aging monastery in need of repairs and also planning and expansion.

Daniel Shelton, of Shelton Brothers Importers confirmed that next April, he will be importing 7760 special ‘gift-pack’ units from the Belgium-based brewery and monastery. The packs contain six bottles of beer and two, 15cl glasses.

Shelton is still working out the exact details of the deal and could not yet confirm what the suggested retail price of the gift pack will be or which markets will receive the beer. Shelton is based in Belchertown, Mass.

Undoubtedly, the gift packs will sell for considerably less than what the “grey market” is offering at this time on auction sites like eBay.

Additionally, Shelton mentioned that Manneken-Brusel Imports out of Austin, TX would also be importing an undisclosed amount of the beer into the U.S market.

All of the proceeds from the packs sold into the U.S. market will help fund the rebuilding and expansion of the Westvleteren monastery. Westvleteren made about 4,500 hectoliters of beer last year (approximately 3,800 U.S. barrels).

The Shelton Brothers import beers from approximately 100 different breweries into the U.S. market.

  • Trav

    I would be willing to bet that it’s ranking as “world’s best beer” will be lost or blurred once it gets over here and loses its exclusivity. Power of the mind.

    • http://www.facebook.com/phreak1983 David Richardson

       You’re right… they should jack the price up, sell it one day a year, and make you wait in a long line to get it and it will taste much better ;)

    • Matt

      I’ve drunk cases of the stuff, and have one of these coveted six packs here in Boston, and I’ll still say it’s the best beer there is.  Sure, St. Bernardus Abt 12 is as close as you’ll get, but sorry… no cigar. 

      • jeffafa 2

        how do u get it?

  • clueless_brewer

    Indeed, Trav.  Drink St. Bernardus Abt 12.  Basically the same and widely available.  As a matter of fact, St. Bernardus still uses the original Westvleteren yeast.  Westy themselves have moved on with Westmalle’s yeast strains.

    • Yelpti

      Wow. Your name is apropos. 

    • Jswaenen

      westy has nothingh to do with the westmalle trappist, anyway do ye know if any of those boxes came over to the states, would be surprised if soo, coz they don t export it annymore, the boxes were here for sale in belgium, sold out in matter of hours

    • Dandy

      Same? Not really. Then Budweiser is the same as Stella Artois.
      It’s not only about Yeast. Westvleteren is a real Trappist Beer, what means they are brewed for a non-profit cause and with more than 100 years of tradition and trying to find harmony in the beer!
      See http://www.trappist-beers.com for more info!

  • Josh Brage

    this is great news.

  • Hipster

    Psssht.  I was drinking this beer way before it went mainstream.  It’s not going to be as good as it used to be. 

    • themecca


      • I want this fucking beer

        I think he/she was making fun of hipsters. Either that or he/she’s proud of being a hipster… In the latter case, you are correct.

  • Canadian Darkness Lord Stout

    Yes, a lot of hype, and there’s no such thing as an objectively judged “best beer in the world.”
    But remember that it’s going to a good cause–renovating a monastery that kept alive a tradition through two World Wars. Even if it’s super-expensive, it would be a good way of saying thanks to the brothers. 

    • Stephen Touset

      My wife and I went by the brewery while touring from Amsterdam to Paris by bike. Trust me, the monastery isn’t hurting for cash. Ignoring the beer sales, plenty of people in the nearby towns will their estates to the monastery upon their passing.

    • Yelpti

      It didn’t stay alive during the wars. It was just brought back after them.

  • BelgianBeerexpert

    I already bought a box this week in Belgium.  The price is 25 Euro.  This beer is one of the best and I have tasted most off the Belgian beers.

    • Craig Briggs

      Any chance you can get me a box and ship it to me before xmas? Looking to get one for my brother.. My email is Bmcfedris@yahoo.com.. Let me know what you can do. Thanks, Craig

    • Akentryan

       A box consists of 8 bottles .7 liter?

      • Sander

        A box is 6 bottles of 33cl, so only 2 liter. But the box also contains 2 glasses…

  • B13rG33k

    7,760 cases for the whole reach of Shelton distributors is hardly losing exclusivity.

  • PoboyBob

    Yes there is a lot of hype, but its funny how they want our money now that they need to expand. In a lot of ways they are just using us. Do we really want to support them?

  • Luc, Kontich, Belgium

    To any beer amateur reading this : that Westvleteren beer is indeed quite OK, but… it’s WAY too sweet to my taste…  I do prefer a slight bitterness like one would find in Westmalle tripel 9%, or Chimay tripel 8% (yellow label on bottle) or Orval 6.5% (all of these trappist beers). I know : de gustibus et coloribus….

    • Jeffafa

      To you, who feels that your opinion of this beer should be more important than any beer drinker’s (“amateur” or otherwise) desire to try it: nobody cares what you prefer. We prefer to try for ourselves.

  • http://twitter.com/leslieR Leslie

    I would be interested in an update on the status of this gift pack.  I contacted the distributor in Austin,  who said they will not be importing it.  Is it still coming?  Will it be available in Texas?  If not, will it be available in the US?

  • Nick

    Just saw it at my grocery store in Brooklyn. $400!!

  • Beer Dude

    excellent beer, I love the “12”, it is my favorite beer.  I haven’t seen it in the US yet.  Best beer experience I ever had was drinking it at the restaurant across from the monastery. 

  • Kenneth J. Wolfe

    Any sighting in the D.C. region? I have been looking since April — nothing.

  • David Divad

    For the moment there is only one trustworthy site where you can buy westies for a good price, and it’s on http://www.westvleterenshop.com .. for the rest, in my opinion, just avoid them