Alchemy & Science Makes Fifth Move; Announces Concrete Beach Brewery

Alchemy & Science, the craft brew incubation project and wholly-owned subsidiary of Boston Beer Company, today announced its latest project, Concrete Beach Brewery.

Scheduled to open in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami in early 2014, Concrete Beach Brewery will produce various styles of draft beer for local distribution. Alchemy & Science also plans to release bottled offerings 90-120 days later.

Housed in an old warehouse building, construction began on Concrete Beach Brewery this month and is scheduled to be completed in December. The location will contain a commercial brewhouse as well a meeting hall to serve and sample its products.

“Miami is a world class city and deserves to have world class beers,” Alan Newman, the president of Alchemy & Science said in a press statement. “We’re excited to join the growing craft beer movement in Miami, and think it’s the perfect place for Alchemy and Science to continue to fulfill to its mission of expanding the craft beer community.”

Newman told Brewbound in July that he was eyeing the Miami area as a potential site for Alchemy & Science’s fifth project. Alchemy & Science owns and markets four other craft beer brands, including Coney Island Brewing Company, Angel City Brewery, The Traveler Beer Co., and Just Beer.

Additional details to follow tomorrow morning.

  • Brewmeister

    Just another reason why Sam Adams isn’t so much a craft brewer, as it is a successfully sneaky big brewery.

    • Michael Lianza

      Hahah you’re such a tool. go watch the x-files.

    • josh

      agree with Michael. these guys rock. the area is amazing. gives me a reason to have my holidays here from vancouver BC canada

  • Miami concerned

    Stupid F**kin name. Exactly what Miami needs out of towners moving into capitalize on the Miami market.

    • josh

      I’m from canada and all i can say is cool area great idea. it will give me many reasons to come back to this over populated STATE!