New Glarus Brewing Founder Meets With President Obama

Amid the nation’s ongoing effort to stimulate job growth, one small brewer had Washington’s attention this morning.

Deb Carey, Founder and President of the New Glarus Brewing Company in Wisconsin, met with President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and 15 other small-business representatives in the nation’s capital this morning to share ideas and discuss the looming fiscal cliff. 

New Glarus epitomizes small business, selling all of its 108,000 barrels brewed in 2011 within Wisconsin’s borders. It’s a much different business model than the country’s largest craft brewer – Boston Beer Company – which sold more than 2 million barrels of beer across all 50 states  in 2011. And different still from the world’s leading brewer, Anheuser-Busch InBev which shipped 98.5 million barrels of beer in the U.S. alone last year.

“He didn’t call in the head of South African breweries or InBev to this meeting,” Carey said.

Carey repeated that small brewers are “on the radar,” and said that she was pleased with the president’s interest in the growing small business segment.

“The idea that this administration really values small business and that they would go out of their way to get our input and feedback, I think is very encouraging,” Carey said.

She noted that small businesses, the fastest growing job segment, create the majority of in-state jobs with the least amount of subsidies. This is equally true in the craft brewing industry, where 376 breweries have launched in the past year. The Brewers Association estimates that craft brewers currently provide 103,585 jobs across 2,263 craft breweries in the U.S.

Today’s meeting is one of several ways Obama has sought guidance from small business experts in recent months. Brian Meece, CEO of the online crowdfunding platform RocketHub, met with Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness in October.

“There is no true job growth with bigger, more established companies,” Meece said. “The government has recognized this and is being proactive in supporting entrepreneurship.”

Washington has until the New Year to resolve what could be $600 billion in tax hikes and spending cuts beginning in 2013 – enough to drag the country back into a recession.

  • Patriot

    Sad if you think obummer gives one rip about you or your business or the USA wake up.

    • Small town single mother

      You my dear sir or maam are an ass! How do you think that the president does not care about the small businesses of our states?? If the man did not there would be corp people in that meeting not small town business owners such as Deb Carey. I think it is awesome that she had the chance to go represent us small time people! Get over your self!!

      • RockLakeGuy

        ST Single mom, this may come as a surprise, but ripping the major companies does nothing but increse costs for all moms (and dads). Please specify HOW the president has helped small businesses. The last time I looked, many ‘small businesses’ are cutting their workforce, because of the coming increased costs from this administration. The lack of corp people in that meeting does not mean he has not had meetings with corp people at another time.

        • Maer

          Big business are cutting work forces too. Higher ups want to keep their pay, and the only way they can do that is cut the employee count.

  • Not a Moran

    Patriot, glad you were there are participated and have such valuable incite for all of us. Keep it up…

    • Passing Through

      Not a Moran? Is that supposed to mean moron? Are you sure about your name? And the word is insight, not incite. And RockLakeGuy, Why don’t you learn to spell too? Mr. Increse! By the way, I don’t know when you last looked, but small business IS hiring. That’s why employment figures keep going up, countering the huge layoffs in government work rolls. You might be believable if you learned to spell. No, I take that back. You wouldn’t.

      • RockLakeGuy

        And while I’m learning to proofread my stuff, perhaps you could brush up on your sentence structure (and simple courtesy). “Why don’t you learn to spell, too?” As with the typical Lib, bring on the rabbit-tracks, rather than the substance. As to hirings, there is a long list of small and large companies going under because of anticipated cost increases as of 1/1/2013.

  • woman

    Businesses are taxed, not on the money they reinvest in the same company, but on the money they take out for personal use. It’s called, “Net income.” If they were using it to create jobs or pay employee insurance premiums, they would not be taxed on it. The GOP are only against taxes because they DON’T want to reinvest the money. They don’t want to pay their employees a decent wage or prevent them from losing their homes because of medical bills. They want to buy boats and horses for their wives to enter in the Olympics. The GOP is a bunch of white boys who were born on third base and thought they got there by hitting a triple!

    • Patrick

      This isn’t true for the majority of small businesses (which are most often sole proprietorships, LLCs, partnerships, or S Corps). Expenses and COGS are deducted against revenue, but things that grow a lot of businesses, such as machinery, inventory, tenant improvements, purchases of buildings, etc. are amortized over a long period of time, so even businesses that are reinvesting are typically taxed heavily. As a small business owner, trust me, raising taxes cripples our ability to grow and create more jobs and give our employees benefits.

  • Derek Randstrom

    Perfect excuse to sell out of New Glarus at my store and replace it with better beer. Always thought it sold on name and not on taste anyway. Thanks!

    • Passing Through

      Go ahead. Sell out of it. You won’t find a better beer in Wisconsin. I love how the politics of today, on either,side, supersedes reason …. and good taste.

      • Derek Randstrom

        Won’t find a better beer? Idiot. I’m not passing through. I live here. I’ve been a beer nut (home brewing, taste festivals, Madison Brewers Guild) for years. There are plenty of beers BETTER than NG brewed in Wisconsin.

        • Ryan

          …and that is your opinion based on personal taste. To speak for the masses (ie sell out of your store) and assume everyone has the same taste as you, or that your preference is right while everyone else is wrong just shows who the real idiot is.

  • SoLongSpottedCow

    “The idea that this administration really values small business and that
    they would go out of their way to get our input and feedback, I think is
    very encouraging,”

    Please, get real….they don’t value your input and feedback, they value the contributions you made to their campaign. On top of it, they use you for photo-ops to try to look like they care about you, any business, or anything else other than their socialist agenda. Former loyal New Glarus customer…so to be fair, somebody can have my share…..

    • Passing Through

      I’ll take it. And bon voyage!

  • marshalldylan04

    So am I to understand that I should NOT drink a beer, solely because the president of the brewery spoke to the President of the United States. That is one of the more un-American things I have ever heard. We have a representational government. Call and email your Representative, Senator and President. Tell them what you think. They may not follow through, but it is their JOB to listen to YOU. They all work for YOU.

    Seems to me that if you didn’t vote for that politician, that is even MORE of a reason to communicate your thoughts. Please stop the name calling, it’s time to grow up and respect the United States. And please expand your horizons beyond Fox News. Here’s a hint: Fox calls itself an entertainment company. Not a news organization.

  • chardonnay

    Im sure obummer spend tax payer money to fly his fellow Libs in to DC for a little pow wow, you know….photo sessions, food, tours……………..Ms Carey, you are a fraud. If you cared about the poor, you would have told him to take the $1000s they spent on you and donate it to a worthy local charity. Shame on you.

  • 7kidchaos

    What’s wrong with America’s economy is the 30% corporat income tax – #1 highest in the world. This is why our plants are emptying and those of China are filling up. No government deserves 30% of anybody’s earnings, let alone 30% of a company’s earnings, which is the total sum product of the capital efforts of shareholders and employees alike. A 30% income tax is a massively regressive, oppressive tax and it’s killing this economy.

    Investing capital to grow is only one way a business helps society. Another way is to issue dividends and let shareholderrs decide what to do with the money.

  • Joe Cashman

    I’m a big fan of your beer–but meeting with this “Business Prevention Administration” is a joke! He’s about as pro business as Satan–why don’t you just give your beer away free instead of actually charging people for it you, you, you Capitalist!

  • Beer Drinker

    The beers are great. Doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or Democrat, as long as this company produces the Spotted Cow, I’m a buyer/drinker! Wishing you incredible success and growth in AND outside of WI.