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Livestream Studio: We Hand the Mic to Our Attendees

The Brewbound Live Livestream Studio is a talk show-style program that runs during the networking breaks and lunch hours of both days of Brewbound Live. It features interviews with attending entrepreneurs and industry executives about trends, innovation, new products and other topics affecting the beer industry. Our editorial teams comb the attendee list and curate a Livestream Studio program worthy of the main stage. To be considered you must register to attend Brewbound Live.

The content will be available to watch via our online livestream of the conference and on screens located throughout the event space. All videos will be available to view post-event on our YouTube channel

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Live Oak Bank

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Register to Attend and You Could be Chosen

We curate a Livestream Studio program that showcases a wide range of the Brewbound Live community, including attending breweries, investors, retailers, suppliers and service providers. Our editorial teams will be in touch if they think you're the right fit. Want to guarantee a Livestream Studio interview? Your company can sponsor the livestream.

If you can't make it to the event, all main stage presentations and Livestream Studio interviews will be available via our free livestream. You'll miss the opportunity to network and ask questions, but you won't have to miss the main program.