has posted a preliminary schedule and speaker list for the upcoming Brewbound Session, which takes place on Nov. 29 at the Paradise Point Resort in San Diego, Calif.

Joining the list of speakers is Brian Meece, CEO of the international crowdfunding website RocketHub. Crowdfunding, the use of the internet to build launch capital by amassing large numbers of small donations or investments, has become an extremely popular way for new craft brewing businesses to get started. In his presentation, Meece will discuss strategies, tips and tricks for small brewers looking to take advantage of crowdfunding platforms.

Stay tuned as more speakers and panel discussions are announced, including distributor presentations, retailing panels and a ‘Brewers Roundtable’ that will look at the current state of craft and the potential growth of the category as beer companies continue to expand market share.

As a reminder, early registration pricing is available through October 26.

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