Danny Brager at the 2012 Brewbound Session

Brewbound is delighted to announce that Danny Brager, the senior vice president of Nielsen’s Beverage Alcohol Practice, will once again present at the Brewbound Session, which is being held on Dec. 5 in San Diego, Calif.

At the Brewbound Session, Brager will arm attendees with the latest craft beer sales trends. Brager, who has spent over 30 years analyzing consumer behavior and business information for Nielsen, will use that organization’s deep reservoir of data insights specific to the beer, wine and spirits categories throughout his talk.

As part of his presentation, Brager will also reveal new Nielsen research that helps to identify the habits of craft beer consumers across multiple demographic cohorts. In addition to identifying the motivations behind craft beer purchases, Brager will look at craft beer consumer habits in other areas like traditional and social media.

Attendees will also have the ability to take part in a Q&A session following Brager’s presentation.

The Brewbound Session, which will be held at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa, is a full-day conference for beer industry professionals. The event focuses on the strategic marketing, brand building and business development issues that most directly impact craft brewers. A variety of distribution, retail, investment and branding discussions are offered.

To register for the 2013 Brewbound Session in San Diego, click here. For questions about the event or to inquire about small brewery pricing discounts, please contact Mike Vassallo at mvassallo@bevnet.com or 617-231-8827.

About Nielsen and Danny Brager:

Nielsen is a leading global provider of information and insight and its figures are regularly referenced by major media organizations when covering craft.

Danny Brager leads Nielsen’s Beverage Alcohol Practice area, providing unique industry-focused solutions, supporting relationships with Nielsen’s many beer, wine, and spirits clients, as well as with industry groups and the media.  In this role, Danny and his team provides business information, analysis and insights. Danny has well over 12 years of experience specific to the Beverage Alcohol industry, and over thirty years with Nielsen in both Canada and the United States, holding a variety of marketing and sales positions.  He is a frequent speaker at many client and Industry events on the subject of Beverage Alcohol retail and consumer trends. Danny holds an Honors Bachelor of Business Administration from York University in Toronto, Canada. After residing and working in Canada for many years, he now lives in Southern California.

About the Brewbound Session:

The Brewbound Craft Beer Session is a business conference addressing the topics that most directly impact the decisions craft brewers are faced with as they look to grow their brands. The event focuses on the business side of craft, offering brewers a unique opportunity to learn from and network with industry experts.