Brewbound is pleased to announce that Brian Meece, the CEO of the crowd-funding platform RocketHub, will speak at the Brewbound Session on Nov. 29 in San Diego.

Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular way for craft brewers to raise small amounts of capital from multiple sources. With more than 1,300 breweries in planning looking to get off the ground, the search for capital is a fierce one.

Meece will discuss how crowdfunding platforms like Rockethub are changing the fundraising game for small-batch producers. During his presentation, Meece will explain why crowdfunding is such a powerful tool for startups and how craft brewers can best leverage a consumer thirst for handcrafted beer to secure the funding necessary to build a brand.

Following his talk, Meece will take part in a question and answer session with audience members.

About Brian Meece:

Brian Meece is the CEO of RocketHub, one of the world’s top crowdfunding platforms. He has lectured on crowdsourced funding at SXSW, TEDxBrooklyn, Columbia University, and Makers Faire, along with many other colleges, conferences and institutions. His goal? To teach entrepreneurs how to leverage the crowd for funding their endeavors.

About RocketHub :

RocketHub is known as The World’s Crowdfunding Machine. The company has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Nature, Scientific American, NPR, Wired, Nature, The Economist, CNN, The Washington Post, ABC News, USA Today, etc. while helping thousands of funding campaigns raise millions of dollars globally.

About the Brewbound Session:

The Brewbound Craft Beer Session is a business conference addressing the topics that most directly impact the decisions craft brewers are faced with as they look to grow their brands. The event focuses on the business side of craft, offering brewers a unique opportunity to learn from and network with industry experts.
The Brewbound Craft Beer Session is sponsored by GEA Westfalia, Brewery Insurance ProgramReyes Beverage Group and BevForce.