Wild Ohio Brewing Releases DalyPalmer Lemonade Tea Beer

COLUMBUS – Today at the Cleveland Beer fest, Wild Ohio Brewing representatives announced the introduction of the DalyPalmer, a newly crafted lemonade tea beer that will be available in select Ohio stores beginning January 29, 2018. With only 4% alcohol by net volume, the gluten-free DalyPalmer will brighten up any day (on or off the golf course) with a summer’s burst of lively lemonade and the robust taste of brewed black tea enjoyed in a refreshing cold beer. Wild Ohio Brewing introduced the beer on their company website saying the “DalyPalmer will be your new cup of tea.”

Wild Ohio Brewing Gluten-Free Craft Tea Beers

The DalyPalmer is a new addition to Wild Ohio Brewing company’s line of gluten-free tea beers which includes Black Cherry Bourbon tea beer (9.2% ABV), Blood Orange tea beer (5% ABV), Mango Hops tea beer (8% ABV) and Blueberry Lavender Tea Beer (5% ABV). A seasonal Cranberry tea beer was available through Wild Ohio Brewing for a limited time. Currently, the four non-seasonal gluten-free beers are available to buy online at through a partnership with Buckeye Craft Beer at the following link: http://www.buckeyecraftbeer.com/brewery/wild-ohio-brewing.html.

About Wild Ohio Brewing

Wild Ohio Brewing is one of the fastest growing producers of craft beer in Ohio. Wild Ohio tea beers are distributed to Whole Foods, Giant Eagle, Target, and local markets. Wild Ohio Brewing can be found on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/wildohiobrewingco/ and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WildOhioBrewingCo/ and updates can be found on the company Twitter account @wildohiobrewing. You can learn more about Wild Ohio Brewing on their website at http://www.wildohiobrewing.com/about-us/.