WellBeing and 4 Hands Brewing Co. Collaborate on Non-Alcoholic IPA

St. Louis, MO – 4 Hands Brewing Co, an award-winning craft brewer, and WellBeing Brewing Co, a leading non-alcoholic craft brewer, are launching a collaboration brew focusing on mental health this summer. A portion of the proceeds will go to Hope For The Day, a nonprofit movement empowering the conversation on proactive suicide prevention and mental health education.

“When we were approached by the folks at Hope For The Day, we knew how important mental health conversations are, especially in the beer, bar, and restaurant industry—and we know with the pandemic, it’s been a long year,” said Jeff Stevens, Founder of WellBeing Brewing. “We really want to shine a light onto overcoming the stigma of openly talking about mental health.”

The collaboration is part of a global brewing program where brewers create an IPA and donate a portion of the proceeds towards the Things We Don’t Say education program created by Hope For The Day (hftd.org/thingswedontsayipa). The one-hour program is an entry-level education on peer-to-peer proactive suicide prevention, providing language and tools to take action on our personal mental health and be supportive to others in our community.

Suicide is a preventable mental health crisis, but recently completion rates have surged to a 30-year high. The primary obstacle to suicide prevention is the silence of stigmas, the social and cultural factors that try to dictate how we express ourselves and compel individuals to stay silent about their internal experiences. Too often, we do not discuss mental health or suicide until it directly impacts our community.

“We had multiple conversations with WellBeing in the past regarding a collaboration. When Hope For The Day announced their Things We Don’t Say IPA project it seemed like a perfect opportunity. We are excited to be a part of such an important project,” said Kevin Lemp, President of 4 Hands.

The El Dorado Dry Hopped IPA will be called “Liquid Dream,” which is a setting on the white noise machine Lemp uses to meditate.

“The name and label direction was inspired by a sense of calm, being present in the moment, and grateful,” added Lemp.

In addition to donating a portion of the proceeds, the brewers will place a QR code on each can that will take drinkers to the Hope For The Day site, www.hftd.org, which offers a searchable database of vetted mental health support across the U.S. and in nearly 20 other countries.

‘Things We Don’t Say: Craft Beer For Mental Health was created with the idea that when it comes to mental health, we need to meet people where they are, and not where we expect them to be” said Joel Frieders, Director of Public Policy at Hope For The Day. “This conversation about mental health isn’t and shouldn’t be limited to just those who choose to consume alcohol, and as my relationship with the folks from WellBeing Brewing has grown, so has my understanding that those in the Recovery and Discovery community are just as much a part of the conversation about mental health in the craft beverage industry as anyone.”

The beer is available now and distributed through Major Brands in Missouri, Heartland Beverage in Chicago, Colorado Craft in Colorado, M4 CIC in Michigan and Best Brands in Nashville. It will also be sold online. You can also visit 4Hands Brewery and O’Fallon Brewery in St. Louis, MO.

About WellBeing Brewing Co.

WellBeing Brewing was founded in 2018 by Jeff Stevens and Genevieve Barlow out of a personal desire to enjoy great-tasting NA craft beer options. Jeff is 25+ years sober and was constantly disappointed at the limited beverage choices that were offered for people who don’t drink alcohol. Genevieve enjoys an active lifestyle that includes parenting teenagers, and she found that while she enjoys the occasional beer, she does not enjoy the hangovers. WellBeing beers are brewed for all occasions and for anyone who enjoys a healthy lifestyle, is reevaluating their relationship with alcohol, or simply wants to take the night off. The company has locations in St. Louis and Virginia Beach.

About 4 Hands Brewing Company

President Kevin Lemp founded 4 Hands Brewing Company in 2011 with a philanthropic mission at heart. To date, the independently owned brewery has raised more than $250,000 through sales of two of its signature beer brands: City Wide American Pale Ale (with donations given to four St. Louis-area nonprofits each year) and City Wide Pils (partnering with workspace incubators to provide resources to local creatives and their innovative projects). 

About Hope for the Day

Hope For The Day (HFTD) is a non-profit movement empowering the conversation on proactive suicide prevention and mental health education.

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