Unknown Brewery to Release Russian Roulette Imperial Stout

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — So who wants to play a game? On November 24, The Unknown Brewing Company is releasing a robust Russian stout, the Russian Roulette. This delicious stout is brewed with chocolate, cinnamon, chilis, and only comes in packs of 4…. But there’s a catch!

1 stout from every 4 pack is brewed with the infamous Carolina Reaper Pepper!

Talk about HEAT! Three friends will have one of the most delicious stouts we’ve ever made, and one friend will be lit up like a Christmas tree! Only one way to find out…


Everyone opens their can at the same time and on the count of 3…chug!!!

(Pro-tip: Put the four-pack on a lazy Susan and spin it. This will add to the fun!)

Upload a video of you and your friends doing the Chug Challenge and tag Unknown Brewing on Instagram & Facebook to be entered into a drawing for our Russian Roulette Giveaway!

Don’t miss out on the Russian Roulette Stout, 9.0 ABV%, available to pick-up in our tap room on November 24th! Enjoy our perfect mix of sweet heat brewed with chipotle peppers, while one lucky human will get a gulp full of reaper pepper. It’s not Russian Roulette without a little risk! Only a very limited amount will be made so get it while it’s hot! Available in our tap room on Nov. 24th with very limited distro!