Threes Brewing Releases Yore Czech Pilsner

Acclaimed Brooklyn-Based Brewery Continues Czech Lager Program

Threes Brewing has re-released Yore Czech Pilsner, their inaugural Czech-style session Pilsner. Inspired by the SVETLÉ Pivo brewing tradition, Yore is low in ABV but big in flavor, with rich malt character and notes of wet hay and noble spice. Yore has always been brewed with 100% Czech ingredients. This latest batch is brewed with a specialty Moravian Floor Malted Czech Pilsner malt that adds additional complexity and deeper grain notes. This pilsner set the stage for Threes’ Czech lager program, which in recent months has grown to include Lifeworld 12° Plato Pilsner and Indelible Dark Lager.

“Yore is a testament to the beloved Czech lager craft and the beers we’ve most enjoyed drinking,” says Head Brewer Matt Levy. “It’s spiritually important to source ingredients for a style from that country. We’re incredibly fortunate to have gotten our hands on this particular pilsner malt, which we plan to feature in future batches of Czech lager.”


Threes Brewing is a Brooklyn-based brewery known for crafting approachable beers that balance simplicity and complexity, with a focus on lagers, hop-forward American ales, and mixed culture beers. Having brewed over 250 beers spanning a wide variety of styles, in both 2017 and 2018 Threes beat hundreds of entries from across New York State in a blind taste test to win Best Overall Beer at the statewide Craft Beer Competition, first for their signature Pilsner Vliet and the following year for their Grisette, Passing Time. In 2019, flagship beer Logical Conclusion won the Gold Medal for Hazy IPA, the most competitive category. Threes Brewing owns and operates two Brooklyn locations, a non-traditional taproom in Gowanus and a more intimate bar in Greenpoint, along with a seasonal outpost on Governors Island, and new tap room and bottle shop in Huntington, Long Island.  They are proud to have been named the “Best Brewery and Beer Bar” in NYC by bon appétit magazine.  In April 2020, Threes launched Threes To You, a direct-to-consumer beer delivery company. 

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