The Booth Brewing to Release 2 Versions of Two-Face Double IPA

EUREKA, Calif. — The Booth Brewing releases its first double IPA ever and it’s double the trouble! The Two-Face DIPA Duo features a West coast style IPA and hazy New England style IPA. The Two Face West DIPA bursts with west coast flavors while the Two Face NE DIPA contains fruit-forward hops that give it a juicy profile. The head brewer at The Booth Brewing Co., Aaron Weshnak, is following his fun to explore the boundaries of what a double IPA can be like. A more traditional West Coast double IPA stands in contrast to a Northeast double IPA, highlighting how expansive and diverse this style can be.

The duo debuted at the brewery Feb. 1 and will be available in San Francisco, Humboldt, Merced, and Fresno regions and the Bay Area early February. These brews will also be available at SF Beer Week events which are listed on their website. The Two-Face DIPA Duo are available in 16 oz. cans and on draft.

TWO FACE – WEST DIPA aka “Boothman the Eternal” (8.5% 80 IBU)

West Coast Double IPA pouring a bright golden straw with a brilliant white head. Echoing themes of the Pacific Northwest itself, this DIPA features strong pine and resinous flavors up front and gives way to complex floral and citrus notes. A bitter finish reminds you this is a double IPA!

TWO FACE – NE DIPA aka “Boothman the Terminal” (8.7% 63 IBU)

A hazy imperial delight pouring a deep luminous orange with an ivory head. This brew strikes a delicate balance between old school favorites and newer juicy hops. Tropical and citrus aromas welcome the drinker, leading to pine and dark fruit notes on the mid-palate with a pithy, dry finish.

Flip a coin to decide! West vs. New England. Which Boothman wins your tastebuds? Check out the beer launch video.

About the Booth Brewing Co.

The Booth Brewing Co. started off as a small pizza pub in Seoul, Korea in May 2013. It was founded by three friends whose love of craft beer brought them together. They also shared an ambition to create a “booth” where young-minded people could gather to change the world while enjoying quality beer. Four years since its birth, The Booth extended its operations into the current Eureka facility, which was formerly owned by Lost Coast Brewery, becoming the first Asian craft brewery to brew in the US. Since then, it has been catching the attention of many local and international craft beer lovers.