Texas’ ShotGun Spiked Seltzer Launches Texas Tea

AUSTIN, Texas — They’ve done it again, y’all. ShotGun Spiked Seltzer, the makers of Texas’ first craft spiked seltzers, announced the release of a new and soon to be favorite, Texas Tea.

If you’ve heard of Texas Tea before, you know that many refer to it as black gold. This is exactly what ShotGun co-founders Lori and Brad Foster have delivered with their newest spiked seltzer, Texas Tea. As with all of the ShotGun Spiked Seltzers, the flavor is inspired by classic cocktails with a Texas Twist. With 5.2% ABV, the naturally gluten-free spiked seltzer is made from all-natural ingredients – no aspartame, no sugar substitutes. Tasting notes include fresh brewed organic black tea with an essence of bourbon and lemon. This is not your mama’s sweet tea.

The legend of Texas Tea goes way back to a local Houston dive bar in the 1960s. They say that a traveling salesman asked for a long island tea. The bartender obliged by mixing the suggested ingredients together and served it in giant Texas-sized tea glass. With that, the Texas Tea was born.

“It doesn’t get more Texan than this,” stated co-founder Lori Foster. “Since we introduced Texas’ first independent craft Spiked Selzer to the market, our mission has been to create seltzers that are authentic, inspired by classic Texas favorites and to be a celebration of all that our great state has to offer.”

The official unveiling of the product will be March 2nd on Texas Independence Day and in retailers throughout the state shortly after.

About ShotGun Spiked Seltzer (shotgunseltzer.com)

Founded in Austin in 2019 by beverage veterans Brad and Lori Foster, ShotGun is the first independently owned and operated, craft Texas seltzer brand using only quality ingredients. Its assortment of flavors is inspired by genuine craft cocktails with a Texas twist.