Sycamore Brewing Launches Marketing Campaign for 77 Calorie Bubs Hard Seltzer Line

CHARLOTTE — Ten-foot giant metal sculptured 77s have been randomly appearing around Charlotte leaving many Charlotteans questioning what it’s all about. Turns out they are part of a viral marketing campaign for BUBS – the 77 Calorie Hard Seltzer. The mystery was revealed Thursday through a two-part billboard unveiling. The sculpture can now be seen in the Sycamore Brewing beer garden.

BUBS – The 77 Calorie Hard Seltzer is a creation of Sycamore Brewing, and is currently available in NC, SC, and VA with more markets opening up soon. Sycamore Co-Owner and CMO, Sarah Brigham explains the significance of the campaign: “As one of the lightest and lowest calorie hard seltzers on the market, we wanted to make sure the public was aware of our unique differentiator. In true Sycamore fashion, we wanted to do so in a fun and captivating way that was sure to grab the attention of potential consumers.”

The Secret 77 campaign has generated a tremendous amount of buzz with locals taking to social media to guess what the structure was all about, as well as media outlets wondering what the 77s meant. From new apartments to I-77 toll lanes, no one guessed that the answer was a new beverage.

The 77 campaign will culminate with a scratch-off giveaway with cards found on BUBS boxes starting on March 1st. Prizes include exclusive Glamping getaways, custom swag, and gift cards.

What’s next in the BUBS 77 Campaign? Sarah Brigham explains that the team at BUBS are currently planning the world’s first Hard Seltzer Dash. The 77-yard dash will be open to both individuals and teams and will include a sprinting and drinking component. More details to come this spring on the @SycamoreBrewing and @BUBSseltzer social media channels.