Sixpoint Brewery Releases Dabble New England-Style IPA

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Dabble is the second release from Sixpoint’s new Infinite Loop Rotational IPA Series showcasing innovative concepts within the IPA category. Dabble is a soft, pillowy, extra juicy, low bitterness New England-Style IPA that is readily available on shelves across Sixpoint’s full distribution network.

Sixpoint announced their formalized Product Development Team in September 2017, when Eric Bachli joined the Sixpoint team as Brewmaster. Dabble comes from many months of experimentation and ingredient sourcing.

Sixpoint sourced the hops for Dabble Experimental IIPA through direct relationships developed over several years. Dabble brings with it a unique blend of Cashmere hops (Graham Gamache, Cornerstone Ranches), Idaho 7 hops (Nate Jackson, Jackson Farms) and a newly released strain of Sabro hops that The Hop Breeding Company granted early access to in large quantities.

“The result of this hop blend is a new kind of tropical character that’s insanely potent and complex—think ripe mango and pineapple with underpinnings of coconut, banana, and lime,”said Mikey Lenane, Sixpoint product formulator.

While the narrative of Dabble begins with its unique ingredient story, it certainly does not end there. There is much more to scaling the Hazy New England Style.

“This truly hazy IPA is a different beast altogether. It’s a totally different style than the traditionalIPA. First and foremost, the aroma has to be all consuming. In Dabble, the nose is the firstsensory sensation is a completely overwhelming blast of pure juice—backed up with a super soft and creamy body to complete the experience,” attests Eric Bachli, Sixpoint’s brewmaster.

The process for creating Dabble emerged from extensive experimentation.

“Our technique evolved, and we utilize processes to maximize and accentuate the unique hops selected for this beer. By utilizing horizontal tanks and mixing blades we increase the liquid to hop surface area exposure, thereby allowing us to extract a tremendous amount of hop-driven flavor compounds for the ultimate sensory experience. We’ve been working tirelessly to create some of the best and most innovative IPAs in the industry and Dabble is no exception,” Bachli continued.

Eric Bachli began his career as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, before following his passion to work in the brewing industry, most recently as the Head Brewer at Trillium Brewing before joining Sixpoint. His career is inextricably tied to the hazy IPA, and Dabble is the next step in that evolution. Dabble, and the Infinite Loop Series, are the latest experiment in Bachli’s career of pushing the scientific boundaries.

Sixpoint first brought true New England IPA to shelves in October with their release of Meltdown, a New England IPA with Mosaic and Mandarina Bavaria. That beer was a runaway success that exceeded even their team’s wildest expectations.

“We created the Infinite Loop series to bring our small batch innovation to the entire Sixpoint network, while also ensuring we have a great tasting, innovative IPA available year-round. TheMeltdown liquid just blew people away—it went so quick we were out of stock two months before we expected. We’re definitely going to go bigger for Dabble,” said Max Nevins, VP of marketing at Sixpoint.

The Infinite Loop Series will continue indefinitely, with the next offering up in May. Sixpoint has been piloting the latest formulation as part of its Small Batch program that sells beer through the Sixpoint App.

About Sixpoint Brewery

Sixpoint was created in an 800-square-foot garage in Brooklyn, New York City, in 2004 by award-winning homebrewer-turned-professional Shane Welch. In 2018 Shane passed the torch to Brewmaster Eric Bachli, a former research scientist whose formative craft beer experiences were shaped by Sixpoint beers such as Resin IIPA. The Brewery’s name and symbols come from an amalgamation of the Nautical Star and the German Brauerstern (Brewer’s Star), which was a medieval mark of quality for German brewers. Sixpoint’s motto is “Beer is Culture,” to highlight the human trajectory—the earliest human civilizations were founded upon the cultivation of cereal grains for making beer. The Mad Scientists at Sixpoint seek to honor the heritage and craft of brewing by designing unique formulas to perpetually inspire the creativity, collaboration and culture that is generated by beer.

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