Saranac Introduces Can-Do Variety Pack

UTICA, N.Y. — Saranac embodies a can-do spirit this summer, giving consumers a mix of some of it’s best and most in-demand beers. The ‘Can Do’ pack is made up of two popular and recently revised core products: the award-winning Saranac Pale Ale which is made using the brand’s exclusive hop infusion process and Saranac Legacy IPA, a beer inspired by a resurrected family recipe; as well as Wild Hop Pils, a summer seasonal that’s back because consumers asked for it.

“We’re proud to present this package because of what it showcases,” said president Fred Matt. “As the originator of the mix pack, consumers associate Saranac with variety. With cans trending so high, and with so much demand for these three beers, we loved the idea of giving consumers what they want: variety, quality beers, and a package they can take anywhere.”

Saranac believes their ‘Can Do’ pack is a no brainer for them. With craft can sales that have more than doubled for each of the last 5 years, and a growth of 112% in 2013, cans are a hot package. Add that statistic to the fact that craft variety packs are growing at over 20%, and more than half of total craft sales are covered by the 3 styles in this pack, and you have the perfect recipe for success.

Cans aren’t only a wildly popular package, they actually work wonders for the liquid inside. They’re good for the beer since they preserve it by protecting it from light, and keep more oxygen out with a tighter seal. Not to mention, who doesn’t love a nice cold can?

Now that we’ve made you thirsty, here’s a little more about the beers:

  • Wild Hop Pils— First debuting in 2013, Wild Hop Pils was available for a limited time and consumers quickly screamed for more, leading the company to make it their featured seasonal for 2014’s hottest time of the year. This unique pilsener features Belma hops, found growing wild on a hop farm in Washington State, for a clean, tropical taste. Pair it with marinated pork tenderloin, chicken wings, prosciutto, bacon and ch├¿vre or Havarti cheeses. (28 IBUs and 5.2 percent ABV)
  • Legacy IPA (NEW) — Originally only available in a 16 oz. can as a gift to consumers to celebrate the brewery’s 125th anniversary. As consumers received their extra “pint” in Saranac Brewer’s Dozen 12 packs, they gave it rave reviews, leading to the brewery making it available in the Saranac core line-up. Inspired by their founder’s original recipe for one of the first American IPAs, this beer features a blend of historic, traditional, and innovative hops for a heavenly aroma and full-bodied flavor. Pair it with curry, Thai, dry rubbed ribs, jerk chicken or pork, and Stilton, aged cheddar, and Gorgonzola cheeses. (60 IBUs and 6.5 percent ABV)
  • Pale Ale — A Saranac staple, this beer recently took gold in the pale ale category at the 2013 United States Open Beer Championship. This was the first competition Pale Ale was entered in after the brewery recently updated the brewing process for this classic favorite. Their new “Hop Infusion Process” maximizes beer to hop exposure for a fresher taste. This well-balanced beer has a crisp finish. Pair it with burgers, bread pudding and cheddar cheese. (32 IBUs and 5.5% ABV)

The beers in Saranac’s “Can Do” Variety Package have been crafted with over 125 years of brewing experience and are available for a limited time from the F.X. Matt Brewing Company, which is actively run by the third and fourth generations of the Matt family.

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F.X. Matt Brewing Company in Utica, N.Y., was founded in 1888. Today, under the leadership of the third and fourth generations of the Matt family, the brewery is celebrating 126 years of brewing. Through a commitment to innovation and brewing excellence, the company has earned a reputation as one of the country’s most respected brewers of craft beers, including the Saranac line. In each bottle of Saranac, you’ll find exceptional quality, distinctive ingredients and a refreshing twist on tradition — the signature of the F.X. Matt Brewing Company.