No-Li Brewery Continues Earning Praise

SPOKANE, WA – ”Spokane Style” beers from No-Li Brewery made a splash around the globe in their first year with nine awards in four continents. The most recent accolades came from down under at the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) where three No-Li brews won medals.

The AIBA awards come after being recognized at several prestigious beer competitions from the U.S. to Asia. No-Li’s Crystal Bitter, Silent Treatment Pale and Born & Raised IPA were given awards at 2012 Great American Beer Festival, 2012 Japan International Beer Competition, European Beer Star Competition and the Brussels International Beer Challenge. Far and wide, the federally recognized “Spokane-Style” has been introduced for all to enjoy.

“Spokane-Style” is a beer style classification for brews that are made in Spokane, Wash. by local residents. Each beer is made exclusively with ingredients from the region.

“We loved getting the chance to share what we brew in Spokane all over the world,” said Mark Irvin, co-founder of No-Li Brewery. “We are the little craft brewery that couldÔǪand we did, 22-ounces at a time.”

No-Li’s Crystal Bitter ESB took home the most awards, including two gold medals from Great American Beer Festival and Japan International Beer Competition.

What’s inside the 22-ounce bottles isn’t the only aspect of No-Li that has the world talking. No-Li beer bottles were recently awarded one of the best labels ever by, a website that scours the Internet for the latest trends for men. Started in 2008, this website has developed a large web presence with over 96 thousand likes on Facebook and over 26 thousand followers on Twitter.

No-Li has 5 year-round 22 oz. and draft beers; Wrecking Ball Imperial Stout, Jet Star Imperial IPA, Born & Raised IPA, Silent Treatment Pale and Crystal Bitter ESB. For more information, visit .

About No-Li Brewhouse

What was formerly known as the Northern Lights Brewing Company was renamed No-Li Brewhouse last April. Co-founder and master brewer, Mark Irvin, and craft beer industry veteran, John Bryant, both with deep roots in Spokane, are the force behind the company. In addition to Spokane, No-Li is now distributed in Colorado, Maryland, North Carolina and Washington D.C. No-Li’s Born & Raised spirit reflects a deep-seeded connection from the nation’s capital, to the Front Range of Colorado and across the Continental Divide into the great Pacific Northwest. No-Li produces 22-ounce bottles as well as draft brands in five styles: Silent Treatment Pale, Born & Raised IPA, Crystal Bitter ESB, Jet Star Imperial IPA and Wrecking Ball Imperial Stout. For more information, visit