Mother Road Brewing Company to Capture and Reuse CO2 Emissions

FLAGSTAFF, Az. – Mother Road Brewing Company is among the first craft breweries in the country and the first in Arizona to implement carbon capture technology. This technology allows Mother Road to capture waste carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its production process and reuse it on-site to carbonate and produce its beer.  For brewers like Mother Road, this will help reduce production costs by reducing the need for purchased CO2 and increasing supply chain resilience in an uncertain economic climate.

Earthly Labs plug-and-play carbon capture technology called CiCi®, enables craft breweries to capture more than 1,500 trees worth of waste CO2 from the brewing process each year to avoid releasing it into the atmosphere.  According to global scientists, carbon capture technology deployment is needed to tackle 13% of CO2 emissions to achieve target temperature reductions. Businesses like Mother Road will play a key role in attaining this goal.

“Mother Road Brewing embraces our values of dauntless and curiosity – this new technology exemplifies both,” said founder Michael Marquess. “We have survived a pandemic and are committed to our community and investing in what matters. This investment in Earthly Labs technology reduces our costs while reducing CO2 emissions in Arizona and making better beer.”

“Born on the 1926 alignment of fabled Route 66, Mother Road offers an example of how small businesses can tackle the climate change challenge with practical solutions that deliver a compelling payback,” said Earthly Labs CEO Amy George. “We are inspired by all the ways Mother Road is a bright star in Arizona.”

Mother Road will implement the Earthly Labs technology this Spring. Customers will be invited to enjoy new releases powered by natural CO2. To be among first to taste, follow the brewery on social media at @motherroadbeer.

About Mother Road Brewing

Driving on a dark stretch of a two lane road, the Marquess family headed into the final stretch of their journey home. Pondering how to better live their creed of ‘finding joy in the adventure,’ they came up with a plan to join their passions of craft beer, travel, Arizona and the enjoyment of life. The Mother Road Brewery now resides along a lost portion of the storied highway from Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath, symbolizing both the journey we’ve made and our passion for craft beer, motoring and history.  Mother Road’s adventure-seeking beers are available throughout Arizona, in taprooms and to-go at

About Earthly Labs

Earthly Labs’ mission is to avoid one billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The company’s carbon capture technology, CiCi allows brewers to capture, purify and reuse their waste carbon dioxide to carbonate, package and purge. Earthly Labs’ solution includes patent-pending small footprint capture hardware “CiCi®” process control and cloud-based monitoring software and services. Earthly Labs is a Public Benefit Corporation committed to using business as a force for good. To find out more, visit